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Kathy Gruver Podcasts and Meditations

I hope you enjoy my meditations. Please let me know how I can help you. 

Mar 23, 2014

Join me, Dr. Kathy Gruver, as I lead you through what's called a "Mini Meditation." This will prime you to get ready to do these on your own. These take just a few minutes and can be done any where, at any time, by any one. Seriously. Because I am not good at meditating, but I can do this. I'm very Type-A and go go go. But when I learned this technique, it changed my life for the better. Just a few minutes a day will help decrease your response to stress, assist all the systems of your body function better and reverse that detrimental fight or flight response. 

It's so simple. I will instruct you to concentrate on your breath. And on the inhale you think, "I am." and repeat on every inhale. And on the exhale you think, "at peace." And repeat that. So breathe normally and think "I peace." 

I do this before I speak, write, get on the radio or TV, before I go in to see a client or waiting in line for one more person at the post office. It's great in traffic (don't close your eyes) and any time that stress response is building up in your body. It really helps, but don't take my word for it. Give it a shot. 

And come back for more episodes where I'll be teaching you all sorts of guided visualizations and meditations for health. 

Thanks for listening. And have a healthy day!!

Dr. Kathy Gruver